Tree Service Addison

Tree Service Addison

Many people enjoy having trees around them. They provide shade in the summer, block wind and rain, and can be a nice home for wildlife, so they don’t decide to enter your home instead. Tree care is an important part of being a tree owner and US Tree service can help you with that. Proper tree care can be difficult, especially with tall trees. Our arborists have the knowledge you need to ensure that your trees stay healthy.

Tree Trimming Addison

When it comes to trimming your tree, proper cuts are important. Cuts should be made as close to the base of the branch and clean. Improper treatment of a cut branch can lead to an infection and hurt the overall health of the tree. Improper trimming can also be dangerous. With branches falling down standing in the wrong spot or cutting the wrong way can lead to a broken window or worst if the branch were to hit you. Climbing a tree without the proper equipment can also be very dangerous. So stay safe and leave your tree trimming to the professionals.

Tree Removal Addison

Removing a tree is even more difficult than trimming a tree. Removing a tree is a more delicate process requiring precise cuts and positioning to ensure the larger weight of the tree does not land on a home or person. A tree can break structural beams of a home and even cause death if a person is involved.

Stump Removal Addison

Just as important as taking a tree down is making sure that the stump is removed. Stumps that survive the removal of the trunk can start to grow again and replace the tree that was removed. The other problem with old stumps is that insects, such as carpenter ants, will make their nests in them. Because tree stumps are usually near homes, this means they will be foraging for food inside. Be sure to have us come by and remove your old tree stumps so that they don’t become a problem for you.

Tree Care Service Addison

US Tree Service has been helping the people of Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs for over 6 years, and we plan on going strong for many more years to come. Our teams are highly trained and experienced to handle any tree problem that we are called for. When you call US Tree Service, you will receive the best service around.