Tree Removal Addison

Tree Removal Addison

Are your tree branches dying? Is half of your tree starting to rot? These are both signs that your tree might need to be removed. If you notice dead branches on your tree, we advise you cut them down to prevent safety hazards. You should also have your tree looked at by an arborist. An arborist can inspect your tree and control small problems, so you are able to save your tree. Tree removals can be necessary to prevent any damage from occurring to your Addison building or property.

When to Remove a Tree Addison

Many factors go into deciding whether or not you should remove a tree. If a tree is dying, it’s usually advised to remove it so it doesn’t become a safety hazard. Some trees that need frequent care can get expensive and might be better to just remove it all together. If you are thinking about removing a tree, it is best to call a professional. They are certified and know all the safety precautions that need to be taken when removing a tree. When determining if you should remove a tree or not, you might want to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the tree healthy? If over half the tree is damaged, it should be removed. If less than half the tree is damaged then it is still possible for it to recover.
  2. Is the trunk damaged? Cracks and dead branch stubs are usually signs of internal decay. When this happens, the tree must be removed. If cracks and dead branch stubs are just starting then the tree can be saved.
  3. Does the tree have several dead branches? If the majority of a tree is covered with dead branches then it is not likely to survive. If there are only a few dead branches than it still has a chance to live. Call your local arborist to inspect your tree and decide what the best options are.
  4. Are dead branches only on one side of the tree? Dead branches on one side of the tree can mean that half of it is starting to die. If you notice this happening to your tree call a professional right away.
  5. Is the tree trunk rotting? If you notice fungus at the bottom of your tree, call an arborist to take a look and see if it’s something you should worry about or if it is something that can be fixed.
  6. Is it leaning? Trees that lean more than 15 percent should be removed immediately. A leaning tree has weakening roots. Trees that suddenly start to lean mean it has lots of breakage and could fall.
  7. Is the tree close to buildings or power lines? Trees can be near power lines, but if their branches start growing into the power lines then you can have serious problems. If the tree branches need to constantly be thinned near power lines then it might be a smart idea for it to be removed to avoid any safety risks.
  8. Does the tree have enough room to grow? If you have a tree close to your house, make sure it is not hanging over the roof. A majority of large trees should be about 20ft. away from your house and small trees can be as close as 6ft.

Tree Safety Tips in Addison, Illinois

  • Access the area to make sure it is hazard free
  • Make sure everyone is trained if using power tools
  • Wear protective gear such as: gloves, safety glasses, hats and more
  • Determine what direction the tree will fall before removing it
  • Inspect branches before climbing
  • Never climb with tools in your hands
  • Do not turn your back to a falling tree

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