Tree Pruning Addison

Importance Of Tree Pruning Addison, Illinois

Pruning trees can help structure the tree to grow the way you want it to. It also helps prevent broken limbs and keeps the tree growing strong. Trees should be pruned in the late fall or early winter, during the dormant season. When trees are dormant insects are less likely to damage the tree and the tree is less likely to catch tree disease. When tree trimming, you never want to cut too much. If too much of the tree is cut you can damage the tree and it has less ways to get energy. If you are unsure about tree pruning, call a professional arborist.

Tree pruning is also important for safety precautions in order to protect people and property. Remove dead branches from trees to prevent them from falling and injuring people or property. If your tree at your Addison residence or business is close to electrical cords or street lights call a certified arborist to safely remove it. Tree pruning near intersections helps control trees so drivers are able to see others cars coming from the opposite direction.

How To Prune A Tree Addison

Common types of tree pruning:

  1. Crown Cleaning- removing dead branches or dead wood from the crown of the tree.
  2. Crown Thinning- removing specific branches while trees are still young throughout the crown to help it grow healthy and strong. This also reduces the amount of weak branches the tree will have.
  3. Crown Raising- removing the lower branches to allow more room over sidewalks, walkways, streets and your lawn.
  4. Crown Reduction- removing larger branches at the tops of trees to reduce its height. Crown reduction is not common and something that should only be done when necessary.

How to Prune Large Tree Branches Addison

It is important to try not to tear bark while cutting. When cutting down a branch make three or four cuts. The first cut should be on the underside of the branch. The second cut should be about 4 inches away from the first and on the topside, allowing the branch to break. After you finish cutting, make sure you do not leave a stub so the tree will not have a chance to decay.

Tools Needed For Pruning Addison

  1. Hand saws – used for cutting branches 1-4 inches in diameter
  2. Small chain saws – used on larger branches. When using a small chain saw, it is important that you the proper safety clothing.
  3. Looping sheers – used to cut branches about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.
  4. Pole Saws – used when needing an extra reach
  5. Hedge Sheers – used for pruning hedges and small stems

Pruning is something you are able to do by yourself, but it is always best to contact your local certified arborist. Arborists are certified and have plenty of experience with tree trimming and tree pruning services. They have the proper equipment to use when cutting and the proper safety gear. They have plenty of experience and know what to do in every type of situation. If you still decide to trim or prune your trees yourself, make sure you follow the tree trimming safety guidelines.

Tree Trimming Safety Tips:

  1. Make sure you check the area and remove anything that could be hazardous
  2. When attempting to trim a tree yourself, you must be careful and follow safety guidelines
  3. Never turn your back to a falling tree
  4. Do NOT trim trees during bad weather
  5. Do not climb the tree while carrying your tools at the same time
  6. Be careful operating any equipment or call a professional to do it
  7. Wear safety protection such as, gloves, long sleeves, glasses, and a hat
  8. Do not climb on small limb branches
  9. Watch out for falling tree branches while tree trimming

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