Stump Removal Lombard

Most people don’t realize just how extensive a tree’s root system is. Large trees can have roots that travel several feet in all directions from the base of the tree. These roots continue to live after a tree has been cut down, meaning that a stump can start to grow back if the root system is strong enough. Removing the stump is the last step in all tree removal projects, but some companies don’t follow through. US Tree Service does with complete and effective stump removal that will ensure that you don’t have to deal with an unwanted tree a second time.

Importance of Stump Removal Lombard

Besides the visual and regrowth possibility, pests are the most significant reason to have your tree stumps removed. Insects take up residence in old stumps because they offer protection from predators and a food supply. Ants, termites, and others will eat a hole through the wood building a colony as they go. This increased insect activity also means increased animal activity as those that eat ants and termites will be looking for food. This can lead to those animals looking to take up residence, and often means trying to find a way into your home or shed.

Stump Removal Equipment Lombard

The reason most stumps were left was the difficulty of removal. Originally stumps would have to be chopped and dug out of the ground to remove them, meaning lots of hard work and time. Modern stump removal machines make this much more manageable, taking a fraction of the time it use to. This machinery is expensive and hard to maneuver, making purchasing or even renting this equipment dangerous and costly. Our trained arborists have worked with the machines for a long time and can operate them to remove the stump without risk to you or your property.

Tree Stump Removal Lombard

The most common stump that needs to be removed is a tree stump. Trees can vary in thickness depending on the species of tree. The larger the tree, the larger the stump that is left behind. This also means a more extensive root system to supply the stump with nutrients that could cause it to regrow and cause the problems that the original had caused. The entire root system does not need to be removed, just the main portion where the roots all come together. Once this is done the roots will die off and decompose harmlessly under the ground.

Tree Service Lombard

US Tree Service has been helping Lombard for over 6 years with all their Tree needs. From tree pruning to tree removal, we will get the job done. Our seasoned arborists can identify problems and will let you know what they find and the solutions. Our customer service goals mean you will get professional service for a great price. Don’t let your tree problems get out of hand, call US Tree Service and keep your yard looking its best.