Storm Damage Bloomingdale

Storm Damage Bloomingdale

A storm can happen at any time. Storms can leave your Bloomingdale property a devastating mess. Storms can leave branches, leaves and even whole trees all over your property. If this happens to you, call a certified tree service to help with the clean up process. Arborists are certified and know how to handle these situations. Don’t risk getting injured and call your local tree service to assist you with all your storm damage. A certified tree expert can help if a tree has fallen close to your home and clean up the mess without causing further damage.

Tree Inspection Bloomingdale

After a storm you should be cautious check for any dangerous storm damage. Tree inspections can help you find any serious damage. After you inspect your trees then you should call a certified tree arborist. These could cause the tree/branches to fall at any time and become a huge safety hazard to your home or business.

  • Uprooted tree
  • Leaning trees
  • Cracks in the tree trunk
  • Broken or damaged canopy
  • Any hanging or fallen branches
  • Splits in branches

Tree Damage Bloomingdale

After a big storm hits, it is important to inspect your trees afterwards. There are a few things you can do that could save you from having to remove your tree. If you know which steps to take after a tree has been damaged in a storm, the tree might be able to survive.

  1. Take safety precautions- Stay clear if you see any broken or hanging branches. Call a certified arborist to come and remove them safely.
  2. Don’t cut the top branches- Over-cutting branches to stubs is not healthy for a tree. They usually grow back weaker and are more likely to break in future storms. If this happens, the tree is less likely to survive.
  3. Repair split bark- Take a knife and smooth down any splits in the tree bark so bugs cannot get in. Be sure not to smooth split bark to deep.
  4. Remove branches that are torn or broken- Removing smaller broken branches can help reduce risk of decay. Branches should never be cut in the center, they should be cut at the main stem or bud. Call a professional to remove any large, broken branches. They have the right tools and know what safety precautions need to be taken.

Tree Repair Bloomingdale

After you inspect your tree, you need to decide if it can be repaired by you or if it will need professional help. If you have no experience with tree repairs then it’s best to call a professional. They have experience working with the proper equipment and are used to working high off the ground.

Uprooted Trees

Uprooted trees can be a result of extreme storms. If the tree is small enough, it is possible that it could survive by getting pulled up straight with the proper equipment. If a tree is very large and uprooted than it will have to be removed. If your residential or commercial tree is uprooted by a storm, call a certified arborist to help. They are certified tree experts and will know what to do.

Brush Removal

Many times after a big storm, large sticks and branches cover your yard and driveway.  When this happens, you have to make sure to pick up all the sticks and branches in order to mow your lawn. If this is happening to you, you should call U.S. Tree Service! We offer brush removal services. We will send our professionals to come to your home and clean up the branches, brush, and sticks from the big storm. This way you don’t have to deal with the mess. Our team will put sticks and branches into a chipper for a fast and easy cleanup. We even give you the option to keep the wood chips from all the broken branches to use in your landscaping.

Call U.S. Tree Service!

If you find yourself looking for residential or commercial tree service you can depend on, Call U.S. Tree Service! We are open 24/7 to help whenever you may need it. If a severe storm leaves you with broken branches, fallen trees or tree brush we can assist you. We focus on quality tree service at prices that won’t break your bank account. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have or for a FREE estimate! 630-705-0144